Put a bankable deal in front of an investor

Investment Readiness Accelerator

The Impact Amplifier-OS Investment Readiness Accelerator is our premier course, aimed at systematically supporting entrepreneurs to access capital in Africa. The intended primary learning outcome of this course is to improve your investment case. This acceleration process is either completed as an individual self learning journey, or through a group acceleration process.

A few key important points before enrolling or starting:

  • Mentorship is available on demand. Requests for mentorship can be made at the end of each module.
  • Please expect each module to take at least 5 hours of your time.
  • Access to capital is not guaranteed nor expected from this learning process. 
  • Please reach out to our team if you struggle with any issues. Just utilise the online form found on the Contact US button.  
  • And lastly, enjoy the process. Hundreds of entrepreneurs have gone through it, and its had a tremendous impact on their venture's direction.  

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What's included?

  • 9 Modules
  • 1 Certification
  • Access to a closed social network and expert mentors
  • 5 Videos, 32 exercises
  • On demand mentorship paid through the system

Access to investors 

Not only will you learn how to prepare yourself for funding, but you will gain access to an investor database, and if your investment case is strong enough, introductions to investors can be made. 

Join a network 

Join a network of peers and expert mentors who are available to support your growth. Online resources, webinars, recordings and access to opportunities will be provided seamlessly. 
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