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Is your organisation launching an entrepreneurship or acceleration program in Africa?

Since 2011, we have built, run and executed successful programs across the continent. Reach out to us and can help you build, and deploy white labeled programs rapidly. 
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Our step by step approach to building an acceleration program for you:

Understand your program goals

We look at the countries/languages you wish to operate in, the stage of the companies, sectors/themes you are focused on, and  get clear on what success looks like. This is all done through a few meetings online, to ensure a clear scope of work.

Provide multiple options

Our technology driven tools are highly flexible, and depending on the program goals, a whole range of options become available. These options depend on the length of the program, number of ventures, eligibility criteria, whether group/individual mentorship is required, if you have your own mentors requiring training, whether there are multiple countries which require local examples and currency localisation, whether there is new content to be developed, white labelling/brand requirements, and what metrics/data collection is required. 

Program design

We go into the finer details of the program eligibility and selection criteria, lay out the program timeline and activities, select judges, mentors and expert speakers, define the program assessment requirements, setup the technology driven tools, and run detailed tests in the production environment.

Launch and manage the program

Given that Impact Amplifier has a large ecosystem and entrepreneur stakeholder base on the continent, our team can actively get involved in outreach and marketing for the program. Once the program is live, and launched,  ee can then either manage the program on your behalf, or train your team to use our platform and toolset. 

Measure the performance

At the end of the program, our team will gather all the data from various sources, both qualitative and quantitative,  to measure the performance of the intervention at the business, mentor, curriculum and accelerator management level. Our 'accelerator performance' toolset can attribute performance in alignment with GALI standards, or other frameworks which are more suited to your ESG reporting requirements.


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