Put a bankable deal in front of investors at the DEal Summit

Investment Readiness Accelerator 

This online Investment Readiness Accelerator has been designed by Impact Amplifier to prepare businesses for the Impact Investment Foundation's (IIF) Deal Summit on the 30th November 2021.  Completing this course is a requirement to participate in the Deal Summit.  This programme is supported by the Inclusive Business Action Network (iBAN), a global initiative supporting the scaling and replication of inclusive business models.  

This is Impact Amplifier's  premier course, aimed at systematically supporting entrepreneurs to access capital in Africa. The primary learning outcome of this course is to improve your investment case. This acceleration process will be completed as an individual self learning journey.  The effort you put in will define the value you get out.  There are a few key points to consider before enrolling and starting:

  • Please expect each module to take at least 4 hours of your time.
  • There are 9 separate Modules, each includes an overview, content detail, examples, assignments and an evaluation.  You do not need to submit any assignments until Module 9.   The assignments in Module 9 must be submitted before 1 November, 2021 to be considered for the Deal Summit.

  • A member of the Impact Amplifier Team will review all Module 9 submissions and provide feedback to you in preparation for the Deal Summit by 15 November.
  • Investment is not guaranteed because you complete this course.  
  • Please reach out to our team if you struggle with any issues. Just utilise the online form found on the Contact US button.  
  • And lastly, enjoy the process. Hundreds of entrepreneurs have gone through this course and gained tremendous value as well as access to investment.  
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